Monday, August 22, 2011

batuk di tangga

apa guna jawatankuasa khas parlimen untuk pembaharuan pilihanraya kalau pilihanraya boleh diadakan bila-bila masa termasuk sebelum jawatankuasa khas selesai membuat pembaharuan.

dont give bullshit like this, i can comprehend stupidity to certain extent, and this aint even on the floor.

lets think like this, you want to go to a place, but the road is dangerous and a team has been sent to make sure the road is safe. only those that dont care about themselves will still use the road instead of wait awhile until the road is guaranteed safe and i think the only thing we care the most is ourselves.

how can a man like you become the most powerful person in this country?

note to self : buat apa-apa biar bersungguh sungguh.