Thursday, February 17, 2011

all i can do

i wish i could tell the world that it is mine.
am i capable to do that?

im confuse
is it just my ego?
is it what i want?
is it what i need?

im not easily give up in many things,
also if,
once i feel rejected,
i come back,
again and again.
is it ego?

is it what i want?
yes i want it,
to me others are not attractive anymore,
some of them shine, yes they do,
but it can shine even in the darkest place.

do i need it?
of course,
i need my spirit,
i need my inspiration,
i need my adviser,
i need the positive elements in it,
or else im really a blind guy

im selfish,
all i think is me
what i need what i want.
but all i can do is waiting and keep waiting,
all i can do is happy for it whenever it's happy.